Thanking our Female Role Models! My Top 5 #BOSS Ladies

Recently, BWIB had a campaign and tabling event, called Recognizing Role Models : Thanking Inspiring Females in Our Lives . Our mission was to encourage people to recognize and give thanks to the strong women they look up to in their lives. They could either write letters to their moms, sisters, and girl friends, or partake in our social media campaign by taking a picture with the statement, “ _____ inspires me because _____!” See the photos on our Facebook for the empowering messages people had to say to the strong women in their life! 😊

In light of our campaign, I wanted to take some time to recognize my top 5 female role models:


5. Ellen DeGeneres

“Be kind to one another.”

Everyday Ellen ends her show every day with this mantra. She is understanding, accepting, positive – she always gives her guests surprises to recognize their extraordinary efforts in helping people . Ellen is one of the first major day time television hosts to come out as lesbian, which paved the way for more LGBTQ+ people to have a role on the big screen! Did I also mention that she likes to dance?!



4. Beyonce

Who run the world? Girls! This one is no surprise –

I mean, who doesn’t love Queen Bey?



3. Lady Gaga

I have always looked up to Gaga for how fearless she is to embrace her identity and individuality ! The Born This Way album spoke volumes to many of her little monsters . She also supports mental wellness and empowers the youth through her Born This Way Foundation. Above all else , Gaga stays true to her fans and her music, and reminds us that she is human too.


2. Tyra Banks

Supermodel. Producer. Host and TV Personality. Businesswoman. A fierce, strong, independent woman (and queen) who can walk the walk and talk the talk (as well as have a very, strong smize game) . Tyra has produced 23 cycles of America ’ s Next Top Model – talk about giving women of all color s , shapes and sizes an opportunity in the fashion industry and mainstream media!


1. My Mom

I could not end this list without recognizing the woman who has been there for my entire life, my mom. My mom has made countless sacrifices for me and brothers, so we can do more of what we love. She always takes care of me and wants the best for me . Even though she doesn’t show it sometimes, I know she loves me, and I love her! Thank you, mommy!



Who are your top 5 female role models?

How will you show them your appreciation this holiday season?


Written by Erinn Wong