Building a Movement

On January 21st, 2017, many of our BWIB members joined the global protests to support women’s rights.  Below are some of their experiences at the Women’s March in San Francisco and Oakland.

Cher Su:

I went to the Women's March this past Saturday to support our fundamental rights, but did not know the lasting impact that it would leave in American history. Being surrounded by thousands of people with the same beliefs as I have was so empowering and made me even more passionate about this very important topic. I remember tears welling up in my eyes as I looked at all of the men and women activists who so deeply care about our society that they will stand out in the pouring rain for hours on end to voice their opinions and to spark a change. I am so proud to have marched alongside history in the making. This was an amazing first marching experience and I know I will be attending more events like this.



Attending the women’s march was such an honor for me. I ended up convincing six of my friends to come and join me, and together we spent our morning making clever signs to show our support. This preparation, along with seeing and hearing news from other marches around the world, made me proud of all of the individuals who stood in solidarity and showed their support. Walking through the streets of SF on Saturday was heartwarming—there were families, police officers and community members cheering as we marched. It was truly unifying, and enabled me to participate in the advancement of a cause that is near to my heart!

To read more about Deeksha’s experience, check out her blog at



I was really pleasantly surprised by the great turn out at the march in San Francisco despite the heavy rain, and honestly it was so empowering to see so many people gathered together to fight for equality, love, and peace.



It was a really empowering experience being surrounded by so many individuals who were standing up for not only their rights but the rights of so many others. The atmosphere was electric, filled with love, energy and hope for change. It was by far, one of the most impactful experiences of my life and I am honored to have marched for such a meaningful cause.



The day of the San Francisco Women’s March was just like any other, as I made an entirely spur-of-the moment decision to attend based off of my inherent feminism and my dislike of the policies of the Trump administration, specifically concerning women’s rights, immigration, and islamophobia. Although I have never participated in such a large-scale march or protest before, I am so glad that I attended, because it was one of the most amazing, inspirational days of my life. After disembarking off the BART station in San Francisco, my friends and I expected to walk the rest of the way to the Civic Center, but instead found ourselves caught up in the throng of people marching towards Embarcadero, and decided to join them. It was extremely inspiring and uplifting to just be a part of the mass of people all moving forward together with a single cause in mind: peace, unity, and equality for all in America, and resistance against an administration that is attempting to divide us. I will carry forward with me my memories of that day, and in particular the fact that the power of the people is a force strong enough to overpower even the highest elected official.