Social Media Networking


You are your biggest asset.

Your decisions and experiences highlight your unique abilities and strengths.


How to market yourself as an individual for future professional opportunities.


Social Media Networking.

In this day and age of increased social media, an myriad of resources exist to help us document everything from the last meal we had to what our current location is. Our generation has been trained to construct our lives through multiple filters and lens for outside viewers to analyze and observe. These skills are great for maintaining social communication with a network of family and friends across geographic boundaries but taking it to another level can give you an upper edge in networking. Using the following professional social media platforms to brand yourself will help you be recognized and selected amongst your peers.

LinkedIn: One of the most popular platforms for professionals, LinkedIn has a wide range of information you can provide to future employers, recruiters, or connections. Spending time to fill out your complete profile but also being active and sharing about your interests can help you stay on the radar.

Twitter: Useful for speaking your mind and “retweeting” thoughts you agree with, Twitter can be used to show support for a public figure or company’s views. Following gurus in the areas of your interest and keeping up with current news can help show future employers or recruiters your interests and stances on issues.

Personal Blog: Less common but more unique, personal blogs show how willing you are to take initiative and spend time learning more and sharing about what you are passionate about. Personal blogs are useful to keep up a timeline of everything you have done relevant to your career.

By: Kavya Jawabnavis