Women in the Workforce Conference Recap

This past Sunday, April 7th, Berkeley Women in Business hosted its second annual women in the workforce conference, and it was a great success! Through keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and conversations with fellow students and women in business, we all learned a lot about not just women’s issues in the workplace but also how to begin and advance our careers in the modern world.

Our first keynote speakers, Gioia McCarthy and Kellie McElhaney, spoke at length about how far women have come in the finance industry and in the business world in general, touching on the balance of having a full time career and being a full time parent, a current issue for many women looking to advance their careers but not willing to sacrifice their family life. Listening to these two powerful and intelligent women speak was inspiring for all of us in BWIB.

Our second keynote speaker, Jenny Dearborn, was equally as inspiring, speaking with us candidly about her experiences in the workplace regarding the growth of her career, her interactions with men in the workplace, and her strong-willed and passionate attitude that has led her through many obstacles in her life.

Through breakout sessions that taught us about specific industries and how to network, we learned so much about tangible ways to start our career and prepare now as undergrads. Hearing personal stories and getting small tips on interviewing and recruiting gave us specific ways we can work towards our goals, which was truly motivating.

Overall, the Women in the Workforce Conference was a great opportunity for us BWIB members to reflect on why we choose to be apart of such a motivating and inclusive community here at Cal, with a mission aligned with some of the most influential and successful women in the Bay Area today. We can’t wait to see what next year’s conference brings and we hope to use what we learned this year to continue our work as undergrads in Berkeley Women in Business!

By: Carina Massana