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Women in the Workforce Conference

The Women in the Workforce Conference is an annual transformative and impactful event hosted by BWIB. It offers the rare opportunity to be surrounded by some of the most powerful women in business, and leaders from many top companies. Past leaders include Managing Directors/Vice Presidents of companies such as Boston Consulting Group, BlackRock and Cain Brothers, to entrepreneurs and CEOs of their own companies. They speak and deliver engaging workshops where attendees learn about women's empowerment in the workplace.

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Case Competitions



A case competition hosted by Zendesk, in partnership with BWIB and the Berkeley-Haas Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership gave BWIB members the opportunity to solve a real-world challenge that Zendesk is currently working to address. Their recommendations were taken into account and implemented on a global scale! This was a great opportunity to help Zendesk achieve its goal of a gender equitable workforce and improving the corporate pipeline for women across the firm. The winning team’s recommendations are actually being implemented by this rapidly expanding powerhouse of customer service and engagement.

Stock Pitch Competitions

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BWIB partnered with Wells Fargo to host a pitch competition based upon a case study on ESG (Environmental Social Governance). Members learned about the growing importance of ESG in this interactive event and had the opportunity to present their findings.


BWIB hosts several panels of varied topics, for the benefit of the wide variety of interests of BWIB members. Past panels have been of alumni, prestigious companies, Haas MBA students, and more. These panels offer a way for members to hear about general experiences of others and also participate in Q&A sessions for their more specific questions.

Haas MBA Women Panel

Haas MBA Women Panel

Beyond the ABC’s Panel

Beyond the ABC’s Panel

Information Sessions

Information sessions are presented almost weekly to help BWIB members stay educated in terms of their academic life and career. The sessions are presented by reputable companies that exemplify the values of BWIB. The presenters usually give a presentation with valuable information then open it up for Q&A.


Networking Sessions

BWIB members have the opportunity to brunch and lunch with representatives from a diverse and inclusive group of companies. They can network, ask questions, and interact with the companies’ delegates in an informal setting all while enjoying food from the best local delicacies.

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