The purpose of Berkeley Women in Business is to provide professional development, create career-networking opportunities, and educate women about contemporary issues in the business world.  Our objective is to provide the resources for our members to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for future employment in the professional industries.

Our Values



Through weekly meetings, members quickly become integrated into a closely-knit group. Members from diverse backgrounds and majors encourage each other to explore new interests and activities. Additionally, we also offer mentorships, retreats, dinners, and events that establish our strong community. 


BWIB was established to address the challenges that female business professionals face in the workplace. Through info sessions, panels, conferences, skill-building workshops, and social events, BWIB seeks to empower and enable members to break society's status quo.




In order to give our members the greatest edge in developing their careers, we have developed relationships with top employers from industries ranging from accounting to investment banking to consulting. The intimate size of our meetings ensures that each member is able to establish interpersonal connections with company representatives.