Fall 2018 Recruitment Timeline

Info Session 1 

  • Tuesday, August 28th
  • Location: Barrows 56
  • General & Committee Applications Open

Info Session 2

  • Thursday, August 30th
  • Location: Barrows 170

Meet the Members Social

  • Tuesday, September 4th (6 to 8 pm)

  • Location: Free House

  • Campus Casual + Free Food!

  • Committee Applications Close

Committee Interviews

  • Friday, September 7th - Sunday, September 9th

Decisions Released

  • Tuesday, September 10th

Committee Orientation

  • Thursday, September 13th


General Membership
Everyone is welcome to join as a general member. 

General Member Applications are continually open.

Benefits Include:

  • Various professional development workshops & networking events with our corporate sponsors
  • Opportunity to participate in our internal case competition
  • Access to our vast network of alumni 

Dues Include:

  • A $25 Semester Membership Fee


  • A $50 Lifetime Membership Fee 

If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by one of our weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM. We would love to meet you!


Joining a Committee

If you want to be more involved, you can apply to be in one of our 7 committees. Being a committee member will give you the opportunity to strengthen specific skills and form a stronger bond with your fellow members. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to apply to a maximum of 2 committees. 

Committee Applications are now closed.


  • Committee members organize and manage BWIB's member dues, committee member points system, alumni database, master calendar, and CalLink. They will also provide club resources to all members.


  • Committee members will be expected to assist the VP in executing fundraisers. They will also process reimbursements, apply for ASUC grants, and maintain records of all club finances.

Corporate Relations

  • Committee members will be responsible for staying in consistent contact with BWIB's sponsors. They will also be in charge of planning all events hosted by external corporations.

Technology & Communications

  • Committee members will work with the VP's to establish, maintain, and expand the BWIB website. They will also be required to facilitate internal club communications and increase BWIB’s social media presence.

Community Development

  • Committee members will coordinate the itineraries, budgets, and logistics for all of our internal development events, which include our retreats, socials, and community outreach projects.

University Relations

  • Committee members will work with the VP to establish relationships with the greater campus community, including MBA groups, Haas professors, and other Cal student organizations.


  • Committee members will assist in advertising BWIB apparel and managing BWIB’s campus presence.